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Handmade in France

Daemons are handcrafted one by one ! We have no stock; each piece is made when you order it. This allows us to offer an infinite range of combinations of colors, shapes, sizes, and firmness levels so that each customer can freely configure the sex toys that really suit them, both aesthetically and functionally.

It’s the opposite of industrial manufacturing where the aim is to standardize items as much as possible for mass production regardless of the diversity of erotic tastes. However, our tailor made creations involve longer delivery times than e-shops where everything is already waiting to be shipped !

Margot illustrating 3D Printer Romain pouring

Made in France

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in France, in our workshop located 80km east of Paris. This includes multiple types of work :

- imagination : concept art, illustration, 3D modelisations...
- production : mold manufacturing, pigmenting, casting, trimming...
- logistics : parcels and shipping management...

One of the most important thing with handling the manufacturing from end to end is that it allows us to fully control the composition of our products and to be transparent about it at a time when the overwhelming majority of sex toys come from rather opaque factories in Asia.

But it also makes our work much more fulfilling. Receiving kind words for an object that you've crafted yourself is truly gratifying !