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Rolrak mountains

Introduction - Fera

Daemons each have their own story within Fera, the imaginary world we're trying to create. It is a fantastical universe made up of nature, exploration, and sex-positive themes. It is currently under construction, so things are still subject to change! We are excited to share more with you :)
Ancienne carte du monde Fera

I. A Lush Nature

Rich and diverse ecosystems make up the world of Fera. The multiple biomes, listed above on the map of known territories, are home to an infinite variety of animal and plant species. From the mountain peaks to the depths of the oceans, Fera is teeming with mysterious creatures: the Beïvras from the glaciers of Yrme, the Mirolures from the underground of Rolrak, or the Niviés from the Arkhel Forest.

Time flows to the rhythm of Fera's 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Aethemps. Together, these five seasons form a cycle of 15 months that ends with Aethemps, known as the "Season of Mists" due to the amount of Aether present in the air during this part of the cycle. This primal energy, Aether, brings renewal and aging to Fera at the end of each cycle, thereby maintaining the harmony of life.

The two continents of Fera, Eryven in the West and Oryven in the East, have only come into contact since the recent invention of long-range airships and unsinkable vessels. As a result, species evolution has followed different paths for hundreds of thousands of years. However, the presence of similarities between certain species from Eryven and Oryven, suggests that these two lands were not always isolated from each other...
Drawing of Beïvra Beïvra
Drawing of Niviés Niviés
Drawing of Mirolure Mirolure

II. A Post-Collapse World

Life hasn't always been so abundant on Fera. In the past, it almost extinguished completely. The "Collapse," a period of intense disturbances, led to a near-total extinction of biodiversity. Archaeological ruins from this era now attest to the presence of ancient, complex civilizations that triggered this natural catastrophe.

Their abusive use of alchemy, a magic whose very essence is balance and moderation, withered the Earth's crust until it opened a breach to the Otherworld. The Aéthérans, spirits from the Otherworld, slipped through this gap between worlds to absorb life on Fera. This marked the beginning of the Collapse. Ancient civilizations and the majority of species abruptly vanished.

What prevented the complete disappearance of life, and why is the breach to the Otherworld now closed? A veil of mystery still shrouds these questions. The evolution of species has slowly resumed its course, and life has regained its density. Nevertheless, a few hidden Aéthérans still exist among the living on Fera today, which continues to fuel the most unsettling theories on this subject.
Horizon Ile aux Echos

III. La Guilde des Véristes

The Guild of Verists was founded following the modern civilizations' discovery of the Collapse. It is an institution of naturalist researchers with the goal of creating the "Verist Encyclopedia," a work cataloging all living species on Fera. Through this colossal project, they aim to both better understand life to protect it, and to record biological diversity in a book they hope will stand the test of time, safeguarded from the oblivion that befell the ancient civilizations.

The guild's headquarters are situated in the large city of Tyrnaël, but there are also numerous observatories scattered throughout the corners of Fera intended to study species in close proximity to their natural habitats. These observatories also serve as training centers for apprentice verists and as stopover locations for members on long journeys. More than mere research laboratories, these are genuine small communities where verists live for the duration of a short study or a long career.
Verist Gardens Gardens of the Verist Library in Tyrnaël

IV. The Verist Houses

The Guild of Verists is made up of five houses. These are five distinct schools of researchers who analyze life through their own specific lens: Daemellys (sexuality), Peafowlfeather (art), Eyedragon (history), Whiteleaf (biology), and Hivedream (imagination and culture).
House Peafowlfeather Logo

House Peafowlfeather

The Peafowlfeather House is dedicated to capturing life through art and emotion. This institution mainly comprises painters and sculptors, but also includes some musicians, dancers, and architects. Through their techniques and creativity, they aim to represent ineffable truths about life. The works produced by the Peafowlfeather House offer a more emotional rather than rational understanding. This certainly does not mean that their contribution to the Encyclopedia is inferior to that of the other houses; in this project, the artists carry out the vast task of graphically representing all living species. The name Peafowlfeather comes from an ancient masterpiece depicting the majesty of the tail feathers of the Royal Peacock.
House Daemellys Logo

House Daemellys

The Daemellys House seeks to understand life by studying sexualities. This house has greatly contributed to the legitimization of erotic culture in modern societies. Sexologists here study the reproduction of species, seduction practices, and the imagination surrounding sexuality. Their discoveries lead to the creation of various objects designed to promote sexual well-being, known as Daemons. The artisan-alchemists who design them draw inspiration from remarkable characteristics of living beings to offer unique erotic experiences to those who use them. The name Daemellys originally belonged to the founder of the house, the creator of the first Daemons.
Emblème de la Maison Oeildragon

House Eyedragon

The Eyedragon House studies life through its history. It focuses on the study of the past and the origins of species. Its name comes from a legend that suggests that the eyes of dragons allow one to glimpse the past back to the birth of the creature. In reality, historians have probably never ventured on dragon hunts. Their work is instead based on a perpetual quest for archives, and some use of chronomancy magic to go back to very ancient periods, such as the Collapse.
Emblème de la Maison Blanchefeuille

House Whiteleaf

The Whiteleaf House attempts to analyze life from the perspective of biology. This house of doctors, alchemists, and white mages focuses on the scientific analysis of species. Hypotheses, experiments, and conclusions shape the daily routine of Whiteleaf researchers. They are also dedicated to finding medical applications for their discoveries. The name Whiteleaf is actually derived from the first remedy created by the house, based on the regenerative properties of the leaves of the Pale Cherry Tree from the Valley of Ulne.
Emblème de la Maison Rêveruche

House Hivedream

The Hivedream House aims to discover life by analyzing imaginations and cultures. Composed of shape-shifting explorers, sociologists, and psychologists, this house also studies the various forms of community life and the behaviors of living species. To achieve this, researchers use skin-morphing magics to imitate the physical characteristics of a species and thus blend into their group. Although dangerous and poorly paid, the research projects of the Hivedream House never fail to inspire vocations among researchers.

V. Aerynn Lys-Elmeda

Aerynn is a Red Elf banished from her native forest, an uncommon situation for a people known for their peacefulness and gentleness. However, for the past few decades, the Red Forest has been strangely rife with persecutions. Aerynn's parents didn't escape it, but they managed to help her flee by hiding her on a ship bound for Eryven.

She was taken in at Tyrnaël by a family friend, Endelborth, a prominent professor in the Verist Guild. Aerynn grew up beside him immersed in the Verists' culture of exploration, never receiving a clear explanation about her past and the tragedy of her childhood. As soon as she was old enough, she joined the Verists to become a researcher herself. Within the guild, she chose to pledge allegiance to the Peafowlfeather House due to her artistic and emotional sensibilities.

After spending two years studying in the amphitheaters of Tyrnaël, the final step in her researcher training is about to begin: "The Ascension." For Peafowlfeather students, this is a year-long journey around the world in search of unknown species to depict and describe for the Vériste Encyclopedia. An adventure to hone her exploration skills, to discover the natural life of Fera, and also to discover herself. She plans to take advantage of this trip to reconnect with her roots in the Red Forest.
Digital art of Aerynn Fera Daemon Drawing of Aerynn