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Fera Daemon Echo Flamboyant Sigh
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Echo Flamboyant Sigh

Crafting within 3 weeks

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Your daemon will not be exactly like in the pictures. Every model has its own unique marblings because of the handmade process !


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Soft (~Shore A-1) : Soft and comfortable. Textures are softened, offering gentle penetration.

Medium (~Shore A-8) : An effective and versatile classic.

Firm (~Shore A-18): Significantly harder. The daemon will offer more intense stimulation through its textures, but may potentially be uncomfortable (especially with larger sizes where we advise against this firmness).

If you're unsure, we recommend 'Medium'. It is the most commonly chosen and appreciated firmness.


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Echo is a magical crystal ! It's the shortest and widest shape in our collection. Its faceted design, reminiscent of a raw geode, makes it suitable for rotational stimulations. Although its shape might seem unusual for a dildo, it is smooth enough to remain very accessible. Moreover, the small sharp crystals at the base can add external stimulation in addition to penetration but are always flexible enough not to be painful !

Echo Guide Taille


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All daemons have a flared base whether you choose a suction cup or not in order to prevent it from sliding too far during anal play. Large bases also offer better handling and strap-on compatibility.

Without suction cup : the bottom of your daemon will be flat.

With suction cup : the underside of your daemon will be curved so that it can attach to all smooth surfaces.


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Full Illustration Set :

1 sealed letter containing an introduction to the lore.

5 A4 illustrations :
1x Aerynn
1x Mirolure
1x Beïvra
1x Rolrak Mountains
1x Fera

5 A3 illustrations :
1x Fenra
1x Nymf
1x Nea
1x Echo
1x World Map

And some little extras :
1x Sticker of each Verist House
1x Sticker Fera Daemon

Echo Illustration :
1x Echo A3 illustration

World Map :
1x A3 map of the world of Fera


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can the mini-crystals at the base be painful?

+ To what extent will my daemon differ from the model shown in the photos ?

+ What is the composition of the daemons, and how do I clean them?

+ Are there any sales or discount codes available?

+ What is the lore of Echo?